Air Duct Cleaning Services

A feature that is often overlooked in many homes and offices are the air ducts. Many people only service their air ducts and the ventilation systems when the central air unit breaks or malfunctions, however, it's important to maintain your air ducts on a regular basis to keep the air in your home or office clean. 

Air duct cleaning services from ServiceMaster by Capital Construction can be extremely beneficial for your family, employees, and any visitor that enters your home or office. Unclean air ducts provide a continuous cycle of dust and other particles throughout your home or office. As your air system turns on, the dust inside the air ducts is forced out into several rooms. That same dust can re-enter your ventilation systems through intake vents and lay dormant until the system is turned on again. This essentially creates a never-ending cycle of dust and allergens traveling throughout your property.

With air duct cleaning services from ServiceMaster by Capital Construction, you’re clearing the air ducts of your property of dust, mold spores, allergens, and any other particles, preventing the recycling of dust and allergens and ultimately reducing indoor pollution and creating a healthier environment. Another benefit to cleaning your air ducts is that we will help improve the air flow of your current air circulation system, allowing heated or air-conditioned air to be distributed throughout your property much easier. Contact us today for air duct cleaning services in Memphis and the surrounding areas of Oakland, Lakeland, Eads, Piperton, Arlington, Bartlett, Cordova, Collierville and Germantown.