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Immediate Actions You Should Take After Experiencing a Fire

Fire damages are always a lurking threat, waiting for an opportunity to spark and catch flame on any dry material. Fires are generally caused by malfunctioning or unattended electronics, kitchen mishaps, improperly disposed cigarettes, and a wide variety of other causes. Regardless of the cause, a fire is a destructive force and will consume everything in its path unless intervened. Fortunately, ServiceMaster by Capital Construction specializes in Memphis fire damage repair and restoration.

Help for Dealing With Memphis Flood & Water Damage

Water and flood damage is always an intimidating and stressful task to face. In any case of water or flood damage, you are going to have to deal with structural damages, damaged valuables, expenses and possibly mold. But when you contact ServiceMaster by Capital Construction for Memphis flood or water damage restoration, we’ll do everything in our power to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition with excellent results. As specialists in the disaster restoration and with several years of experience in reconstruction services, we’re able to handle situations of any size.

Helpful Advice for Storm & Water Damages in Memphis

Water and storm damage can wreak havoc on any Memphis property. When you need expert restoration services, you can rely on ServiceMaster by Capital Construction.

Remember This Single Disaster Restoration Tip

When you think of reconstruction and restoration after a disaster in Memphis, you most likely think of the damage done to your home or business and personal property like clothes, electronics, family relics, and furniture. You’ll first think of Memphis cleaning services for an immediate clean up service – things like an upholstery cleaner and maybe even construction cleaning. Ever think of the information you have stored on your computer?

Health Benefits of Mold Remediation

Storms can leave behind serious damage in their path, often bringing down tress, power lines and more. A powerful storm can wreak absolute havoc on your home or place of business. So whom do you call when you're looking at the storm-ruined mess that used to be your home or office? You call the experts in Memphis, Tennessee’s storm damage recovery experts at ServiceMaster by Capital Construction.

Tips and Tricks for DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

When you first move into your house, everything looks spotless and perfect. Over time, things get smudged, cracked, broken and your house will begin to look worn out and out of date. Maybe your kitchen cabinets are stained, maybe they're sun-damaged, or maybe they're just visually unappealing. Whatever the case may be, unless there's an actual structural problem or you really need to rearrange, there's no need to spend thousands of dollars ripping out old cabinets and replacing them.

How to Avoid Property Damage When Updating Key Appliances

When you decide to start switching things up in your Memphis home, you run into a lot of potential problems -- but none are quite so devastating as watching as your new washing machine-dryer combo starts spewing vast quantities of water all over your basement carpet.

Exceptional Memphis General Contractors

ServiceMaster by Capital Construction has been a premier commercial and residential contractor of Memphis, TN, and the surrounding areas for more than a decade. General contractors across the mid-south area, we've been doing far more than just building residences, commercial buildings, and municipal projects.

We build roofs. We perform emergency restoration -- be it fire, water damage, vandalism, mold, or wind.  We do remodeling, decks and arbors, and institutional buildings. There isn't a whole lot our team can't do. Our Memphis general contractors have experience in several kinds of reconstruction and damage restoration services, and we're proud to prove it.

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