Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips in Memphis

The Memphis home improvement experts at ServiceMaster by Capital Construction wanted to provide you with a specialized guide to caring for all types of hardwood floors. With regular maintenance and professional service, your floors can stay looking great and maintain their original shine.

Maintaining Marble, Terrazzo, and Hardwood Floors

Do you have a problem with your marble and terrazzo floors looking dull and dingy? Did that spilled soda leave a hazy patch last week? Are you tired of closing off your entrance to strip and refinish the marble and coping with the smells in the process? Has your stone floor lost that "natural" look that your customers find appealing? Maybe it is time to find a better way to maintain your marble and terrazzo floors!

The Marvels of Marble

Marble is a natural stone widely used for decorative entrances and corridors. Large slabs of marble are quarried, then cut into smaller tiles.

The surface of the marble is either honed (producing a low gloss) or polished (producing a high gloss). Marble is a very soft stone, even softer than sand and is easily scratched. While it is a beautiful surface, it can also be quite sensitive to liquids and abrasion. Marble requires special care to ensure many years of beauty.

Terrific Terrazzo

Terrazzo is another common floor material, used often in entrances and restrooms. Starting out in a liquid form, terrazzo is made from marble chips suspended in either Portland cement or epoxy, poured in place and ground smooth. Terrazzo has slightly better resistance than marble, but it can be easily damaged as well.


Most stains found on marble and terrazzo is the result of food or drink spills. Some acid-based spills, like sodas and spaghetti sauce, will stain and etch the surface. It is important to clean up spills immediately from marble and terrazzo because the longer an acidic liquid remains on the surface, the more damage it will inflict.

When cleaning a spill from marble or terrazzo, it is important to blot the spill because wiping may cause further damage. Remove stains before refinishing or crystallizing work is performed. This is an important step for producing outstanding results.

Finishing Touches

Many building managers have layers of finish applied over marble and terrazzo floors to maintain a high gloss appearance and to protect it from wear and stain. (Keep in mind that a honed stone will never produce a high gloss, no matter how much finish is applied. The honed stone must be polished to produce a high shine.) Applying finish is inconvenient, however, because the floor must be shut down, chemicals carefully applied, and low abrasion pads used. Finish application also generates pungent odors, and finish must periodically be removed and replaced. Finish also eliminates the "natural" look that appeals to so many building owners and customers.

For best results in maintaining both your marble and terrazzo floors, contact a professional in the commercial floor cleaning industry.

The ‘Shoulds’ of Wood Floor Care

Once rarely found in new office buildings, hardwood floors have made a big comeback in commercial settings. Their natural beauty and the practicality of new finishes have made hardwood an easy choice for many businesses.

Care and maintenance of hardwood floors is surprisingly easy today if you understand what steps to take and what products to use. Here are some tips for commercial hardwood floor care:

  • Use doormats at all exterior entrances to trap sand and grit before it gets into the building and scratches the floor.
  • Sweep or vacuum floors regularly.
  • Place protectors on the feet of all furniture.
  • Remove spills immediately and promptly wipe the area with a soft cloth and proper cleaning product.
  • Use area rugs on high traffic pathways, particularly in pivot areas like the ends of steps and doorways. Be sure to choose rugs that allow the floor to breathe (no rubber backing or other non-ventilated material).
  • Check for wear periodically and do not wait until wood floors show extreme wear and tear before you take action. Call in a professional to give the floors the protection they need before it is necessary to have them fully sanded and refinished which is an expensive and time consuming process. (Sanding also removes patina and strips floors of the mellow, rich look that comes with aging).
  • Do not damp mop your wood floor; it can harm the finish. Never use wax, oil soap, or other household cleaners on your wood floor; they can dull the finish and make refinishing more difficult.
  • Clean your hardwood floors with a suitable professional product every one to two weeks.

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