Help for Dealing With Memphis Flood & Water Damage

Water and flood damage is always an intimidating and stressful task to face. In any case of water or flood damage, you are going to have to deal with structural damages, damaged valuables, expenses and possibly mold. But when you contact ServiceMaster by Capital Construction for Memphis flood or water damage restoration, we’ll do everything in our power to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition with excellent results. As specialists in the disaster restoration and with several years of experience in reconstruction services, we’re able to handle situations of any size.

When you first find yourself facing water or flood damages, we have some helpful advice you can you use to rescue belongings, reduce damages, and jumpstart the restoration process. Please see the list of tips and information below to see how you can help minimize damages and avoid complete losses.

What You Can Do When Dealing with Water & Flood Damages:

  • Remove water using a sump pump or wet vacuum; if neither is available use a mop or towels to blot, or another method to remove water as much water as possible.
  • Open all windows and doors to circulate the air to remove moisture and allow items to dry faster.
  • Use fans to assist the drying and air circulation process.
  • Wipe down wood surfaces and furniture legs of water and moisture to avoid damages.
  • Remove moisture by using dehumidifiers.
  • For damp or wet cushions, place them upright to evenly dry.
  • For wet or damp rugs, place them outside to dry.
  • If applicable, use your property’s heater or air conditioner to help with the drying process.

If you ever find yourself dealing flood and/or damages, trust ServiceMaster by Capital Construction, we are your local experts in disaster restoration and we are able to provide high quality water and flood damage restoration throughout Memphis, TN. We’ll work endlessly to transform your property back into its pre-loss condition. For additional information about our Memphis water and flood damage restoration services, contact us today.