How to Avoid Property Damage When Updating Key Appliances

When you decide to start switching things up in your Memphis home, you run into a lot of potential problems -- but none are quite so devastating as watching as your new washing machine-dryer combo starts spewing vast quantities of water all over your basement carpet.

Anytime you replace a major appliance that is attached to your plumping system, you run the risk of causing water damage. The disturbing part is that you don't even know when a problem has occurred until you turn the water main back on and see the room flooded or a severe water leak. By the time you are able to shut off the water main, plenty of water has escaped and is enough to cause water damages and filthy carpets.

The moment you realize that your efforts have led to the unwanted intrusion of water, the first thing you should do is turn off your water main.  Then call the experts in carpet cleaning. Memphis residents have the experts in ServiceMaster by Capital Construction who will consistently do an excellent job.

Even if there is notable water damage, they will clean up the water damage and transition from damage mitigation to carpet cleaning and even mold remediation without losing any momentum whatsoever.

If your attempt to upgrade any major appliance has left you all wet, don't hesitate, the longer you wait, the more damages you’ll sustain. Instead, act quickly and call ServiceMaster by Capital Construction immediately for water damage mitigation and professional carpet cleaning services.