Immediate Actions You Should Take After Experiencing a Fire

Fire damages are always a lurking threat, waiting for an opportunity to spark and catch flame on any dry material. Fires are generally caused by malfunctioning or unattended electronics, kitchen mishaps, improperly disposed cigarettes, and a wide variety of other causes. Regardless of the cause, a fire is a destructive force and will consume everything in its path unless intervened. Fortunately, ServiceMaster by Capital Construction specializes in Memphis fire damage repair and restoration. When you experience a fire, our experts have some helpful information to share with you to help get you started for the fire damage restoration process in Memphis, TN.

Things to do after experiencing a fire within your home or business facility:

1) Get in touch with your insurance agent.

After sustaining any type of fire damage to your property, contacting your insurance agent should be a high priority on your list. They will be able to help advise you on what actions you should take next, begin the claims process for any lost or damaged valuables, and refer you to a fire damage expert, such as ServiceMaster by Capital Construction.

2) Ventilating the property.

The first step in any Memphis fire damage restoration project is to ventilate the property. Wherever there is fire, there is always smoke and odors. By opening the doors and windows of your property, you can help jumpstart the restoration process and alleviate the property of heavy smoke odors, remove dust, and dry any wet or damp materials.

3) Record all damages.

For insurance purposes and to help make the claims process move smoother, you’ll need to record all damages that occurred during the fire. If possible, take pictures of all items and materials that have been affected or damaged by fire, smoke or soot. The more evidence you have to back up your claim, the easier it is for your insurance carrier to accept your claims.

4) Recover valuables.

When the fire has been extinguished and you are able to enter your property, begin to salvage and remove as many valuables as you can from the affected area. By removing items from the affected area, you can avoid secondary damages from smoke and soot. You also provide the fire damage experts a higher chance at cleaning and recovering your valuables from damages.

For all smoke and fire damage restoration services in Memphis, Tennessee, you can always rely on the trusted experts at ServiceMaster by Capital Construction. We’re a leading service provider for disaster restoration, specializing in fire and smoke damage restoration. Call us today to begin our services or to learn more about how we can help serve you!