Memphis Storm Damage Repair

Memphisis susceptible to heavy rains and tornados from time to time. Occasionally, we will also fall into the path of an Atlantic storm. But of course, the most important part in dealing with a storm occurs before the actual storm hits. Planning and being prepared is essential to dealing with Memphis storm damages.

Five items to do when preparing for a big storm:

  • Have a few emergency gas cans. This can be useful for generators and for cars.
  • Make sure your roof is leak-free. Big storms bring enough rain to soak your through insulation, which can gain enough weight to collapse your roof.
  • Keep your trees lean and trim. You don’t want any branches crashing into your home.
  • Have a generator and keep enough fuel to keep your fridge and freezer (at a minimum) going for a week.

After The Storm

If your phone still works, your first call should be to your insurance agent. Tell them about any damages and ask to send out an agent. Proceed to take pictures of the damages to have as proof for the insurance. When the insurance agent arrives, share your notes and photos along with any receipts you have for damaged items.

For storm, fire, or water damage restoration services, contact ServiceMaster by Capital Construction. With our services, we’ll work with your insurance company to have your property back to its pre-loss conditions.