Remember This Single Disaster Restoration Tip

When you think of reconstruction and restoration after a disaster in Memphis, you most likely think of the damage done to your home or business and personal property like clothes, electronics, family relics, and furniture. You’ll first think of Memphis cleaning services for an immediate clean up service – things like an upholstery cleaner and maybe even construction cleaning. Ever think of the information you have stored on your computer?

Disaster restoration and arming yourself with prevention tips not only apply to home or business cleanup post-disaster but also to things like backing up important files you access on your computer. Disaster restoration is obviously an afterthought and preparation is something you may have wished you had put in place should you experience a water, fire, or smoke disaster. Memphis ServiceMaster by Capital cleaning service experts have seen various cases of fire, water, and mold damage and the effects that uncontrollable disasters have. We understand what you go through and think of everything to help you with prevention tips and recovery.

We hope you won’t need disaster restoration services for your Memphis home or business but one thing you should most certainly have in place is an alternative to retrieve your digital files. Even if you don’t experience a disaster from fire, smoke, or water you never know when your computer might crash or get stolen.  

Back Up Your Digital Files!

If you save work documents, photos, financial information, personal records, passwords, and the like on your computer hard drive be sure to back up your documents. It is recommended to run a back up at least once per quarter. There are various reliable online cloud backup services like Mozy, Carbonite, even Dropbox. There’s also the old standby – an external hard drive. Whatever you choose, back up twice. For example if you use iCloud, use a separate service like something mentioned above. If you back up on an external hard drive, use two and store them in two places should a disaster take place in one, you’ll … have a backup. Remember this one simple tip and it will save you loads of time and probably money as well.  

If you have experienced a disaster and need further tips you can check out our storm damage repair tips or fire damage tips.