Tips and Tricks for DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

When you first move into your house, everything looks spotless and perfect. Over time, things get smudged, cracked, broken and your house will begin to look worn out and out of date. Maybe your kitchen cabinets are stained, maybe they're sun-damaged, or maybe they're just visually unappealing. Whatever the case may be, unless there's an actual structural problem or you really need to rearrange, there's no need to spend thousands of dollars ripping out old cabinets and replacing them.

There's a much more cost-effective way of giving your kitchen an updated appearance with kitchen cabinet refacing. ServiceMaster by Capital are the leading Memphis remodeling experts that is willing to help update your home.

How to Reface a Cabinet Door

There is no single universal way to reface every kind of cabinet door, but in general, the process is straightforward; you sand the existing finish, seal the wood, and apply either varnish or paint. If your doors are just flat sheets of wood with a knob on them, you're already done!

Most kitchen cabinet doors, however, are not so simple. They have fluting, raised parts, or other textural details that at the very minimum can make sanding difficult and repainting difficult.

If you have cabinet doors that are more complex, you have a choice to make: invest in the tools you need to properly address the tiny grooves correctly or let the professionals handle the task of refacing your kitchen cabinets.

If you go the DIY route, expect to use specialty tools like a Dremel, ultrafine sand paper, a tiny art-style paintbrush to get the veneer into those cracks and crevices, and of course the patience to repeat the same tiny detailed tasks multiple times for every cabinet in your kitchen. In the end, it may be best for a professional kitchen remodeling company like ServiceMaster by Capital Construction will make the job much easier on you at a budget friendly price. Not only will they successfully reface your kitchen cabinets, as professionals, they’ll most likely be able to finish the project in a fraction of the time than if you were to do it yourself.